In what is yet another clear violation of rights and logic, 15 kindergartners have been banned from attending school for 21 days following an “outbreak” of chickenpox. The “outbreak” consist of 5 children. One of the mothers, Chelsea Hendrick’s, whose daughter Katie was banned from attending her school, is speaking out to The Charlotte Observer over what she describes as a severe overreaction by the county.

“There’s nothing wrong with her, but she can’t come back to school for 21 days,” Hedrick said. “The only ones with the virus are the ones that got the vaccination.”

Hedrick said her daughter, a kindergartner at Poplin Elementary, “can go to the public library. She can go to the grocery store. We can go out to eat. But she cannot go to school. We are not talking about Ebola. We are not talking about the plague. We are talking about chickenpox.”

But here’s the real heart of the travesty, all five children who contracted chickenpox had been vaccinated.

The five children with chickenpox, also called varicella, attend Poplin and Hemby Bridge elementary schools and all had been vaccinated, said Union County Health Director Phillip Tarte.

The Union County Health Director, Phillip Tarte, goes on to talk about how he’s protecting vulnerable children from the illness. He also states that the vaccine is not 100% effective, which is a huge understatement considering every child of the “outbreak” is vaccinated. First and foremost, a parent should have the right to choose whether or not their child is exposed to chickenpox. Secondly, this is a sad and frightening maneuver to blame unvaccinated children on something which has been clearly caused by the vaccine itself.

[VIDEO] Chicken pox is keeping 14 kids out of school for 21 days in Union County. It's not because they have chicken pox — it's because three other students have it and since the 14 students weren't vaccinated — they have to go. Do you agree with this?People Advocating Vaccine Education (PAVE) Voices for VaccinesAnti-Vaccination Society of America Stop the Australian (Anti)Vaccination Network VaxTruth.Org

Posted by David Sentendrey, FOX 46 on Monday, February 29, 2016

The county isn’t forced to report all chickenpox cases. They are attempting to paint this story as one that protects innocent children from an illness that their immune systems would deal with just fine. Also, the unvaccinated children aren’t the cause of this, the vaccinated children are. Further, vaccinated children are getting the illness, so why not ban them from attending school for the next 21 days? The vaccine is either infecting the children, or those children are more susceptible to acquiring it. This is an inexcusable travesty which defies all logic and exposes the vaccine fraud on a more obvious and transparent level.

In 2014, a “quarantine” for measles was issued for a few people based on concrete evidence of possible interminglings with the contagious. You can see how much more bold the system is getting when it comes to desecrating parental rights.


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