Everyone once in a while an event occurs that brings everyone together to awaken the consciousness of the attendees. The California Jam is an event like that. Each year, the event has grown…and this year, it’s slated to be nearly 4,000 people. Great speakers, live music. A combination of Fun and Education. While most of the attendees are chiropractors and their families, everyone can get a lot out of it.

This year’s line-up of speakers includes Dr. Sherri Tenpenny talking about the possibly of mandatory adult vaccinations. Also slated to speak is Ty Bollinger, Andrew Wakefield MD, Erin Elizabeth and many more!

Have fun. Promote the cause of Health Freedom.


Cal Jam takes place March 18th-20th 2016, so there is still plenty of time to register! All fans of Dr. Tenpenny receive a $47 discount to DC tickets and a $27 discount to CA and Non-DC tickets! Just copy the promo code TENPENNY and click HERE.

So WHAT does freedom mean to you?


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