Cancer is a word that evokes the fear of God into all of us. Most of us have at least known one person who has suffered the wrath of some form of cancer. The disease devastates not only the afflicted but also those who are family and friends. Pharmaceutical companies use cancer to drive astounding and impressive amounts of revenue. There is no cure, but there sure seems to be a lot of “treatments.” We are with no shortage of ways to stall cancer and further torture victims with harsh chemotherapy.

Most people want you to believe that cancer is caused by genetics. Others want you to believe that its caused by random acts of God. In both cases, the common denominator is a loss of control. In other words, these ideas and concepts eliminate the “you factor,” making it less likely that you’d see any incentive in making any lifestyle changes. With the exception of cigarette smoking, exterior life elements have rarely been blamed as causes of cancer.

The case of the Amish is a strange one. The Amish have a lower rate of smokers, but a 2010 study expressing the astoundingly low presence of cancer in the Ohio Amish even admitted that smoking played only a small role in the matter.



Cancer incidence is low in the Ohio Amish. These data strongly support reduction of cancer incidence by tobacco abstinence but cannot be explained solely on this basis. Understanding these contributions may help to identify additional important factors to target to reduce cancer among the non-Amish.

So then why don’t the Amish suffer from the throes of cancer as much as the rest of the surrounding western world?

For starters, the Amish don’t vaccinate their population. They rarely ever have cases of Autism and cancer. The Amish have refused government intimidation over the matter and have continued to skirt neurological and degenerative disease.

The Amish eat organic foods. These aren’t people who are cruising the middle aisles of the local grocery store. They have farms and organic markets. Their land is protected and unchurned by Monsanto’s poisonous seeding.

Other factors, such as increased physical activity and lower stress lifestyles also contribute to lower rates of cancer, but the core takeaway is without question the lack of vaccines and the lack of processed foods. These are factors that aren’t out of our own control, as pharma might have us all believe. Instead, the Amish offer us great insight into exactly how we can control our own destinies. They show us we don’t have to rely on pharma’s harsh “treatments,” rather, our own lifestyle changes are the cure we seek.


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