Since 2010, Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange has lived as a prisoner in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. This year, the United States sought (and were successful) at removing his Internet connection, accusing him of working with the Russians to take the election away from Hillary Clinton. Assange, at times, has been thought to have been removed from the Embassy by U.S. officials and thought to have been deceased. Neither has been found to be truths.

Assange, in fact, is alive. And he’s again, speaking out against the “soon to be” former U.S. administration.

News outlet Repubblica recently met and interviewed Assange at the Embassy, giving us one of our first close-up looks since he seemingly disappeared into the night. He now is saying that Hillary Clinton and her cronies tortured current prisoner, Chelsea Manning.


What about Donald Trump? What is going to happen?
“If the question is how I personally feel about the situation, I am mixed: Hillary Clinton and the network around her imprisoned one of our alleged sources for 35 years, Chelsea Manning, tortured her according to the United Nations, in order to implicate me personally. According to our publications Hillary Clinton was the chief proponent and the architect of the war against Libya. It is clear that she pursued this war as a staging effort for her Presidential bid. It wasn’t even a war for an ideological purpose. This war ended up producing the refugee crisis in Europe, changing the political colour of Europe, killing more than 40,000 people within a year in Libya, while the arms from Libya went to Mali and other places, boosting or causing civil wars, including the Syrian catastrophe. If someone and their network behave like that, then there are consequences. Internal and external opponents are generated. Now there is a separate question on what Donald Trump means”.

Having Clinton out of the picture couldn’t have come fast enough. The reality is, this current Obama regime is barbaric and draconian war-mongerers.

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