Parents all over the country are calling on Pharmaceutical companies to place warnings on a common asthma tablet taken by millions of children.

The drug, called Montelukast or Singulair, is causing severe depression and suicidal thoughts in children as young as four.

According to ABCNews, the drug has been under investigation since 2008.


American health authorities have been investigating the safety of Montelukast since 2008.

After Cody Miller, 15, took his life after taking the drug for just 17 days, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required manufacturers to put warnings about psychiatric side effects in medical information.

In April 2013, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) published a Medicine Safety Update article on Montelukast to alert health professionals to the risks and the need to warn patients and carers.

Considering that’s eight full years ago, one has to ask how we could possibly have allowed this to continue occurring? In the same ABC News story, they have several examples of children experiencing these psychotic episodes.

Vanessa Sellick’s son, also named Harrison, had been taking the drug since he was two years old.

She said it changed his behaviour and the problems became worse as he got older.

“Harrison was four years old when he started making comments about wanting to die, wishing that he was dead, that he was a piece of garbage – he had terrible self-loathing,” Ms Sellick said.

His doctors believe he suffered a reaction to the medication.

One day he acted on his suicidal thoughts.

“It was just devastating at the time,” Ms Sellick said.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that he actually wanted to end it, he wanted to end the pain. I think he was just a little boy in terrible emotional stress.”

This is yet another example of the Government and Pharma working closely together to conceal a terrifying truth. So often times we hear Doctors say, “it is safe, it is proven safe for you and your family, it is science.” Then years later we discover that the medical world’s mantra was clearly wrong, but that’s well after the consequences have set in. This is why we must always be vigilant when it comes to doing our own research. We should research alternative medical treatments before putting ourselves or our children on drugs. We should always be cautious of new drugs. And if we give drugs to our children or we take them ourselves, we should have a heightened awareness in terms of changes in behavior, mood, or even physical feelings.

Here is a Fox 5 Investigation all the way back from 2014.


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