Bayer AG has put in a bid to purchase Monsanto for $42 billion dollars. Their stocks plummeted as word of the bid made way to investors. As for the rest of us, a combination of big pharma and Monsanto would increase the weights of the chains already shackling our feet. News giant Bloomberg broke the news last week of the possibility, which is now a confirmed reality.

The St. Louis-based company, with a market value of $42 billion, said it’s reviewing the offer in a statement Thursday. It didn’t disclose the terms of the proposal. Bayer, confirming the bid, said the combination would bolster its position as a life sciences company. Bloomberg News was first to report a week ago that Bayer was exploring a potential takeover.

In order to make the purchase possible, Bayer AG would likely participate in asset disposals and a share sale. The scale of this purchase is unfathomable. Believe it or not, Monsanto has consistently had trouble due to large swaths of watchdog groups consistently placing pressure on them to back off their egregious business model. In this case, pharma would save them and reverse a lot of hard work to push the GMO company down.


This is a major threat to the human race at large. Pharma breathing new life into the toxic GMO company which is known to spread cancer throughout the world means even more leverage for both pharma and GMOs. It also combines two forces of unquestioned evil.

Photo by occupyreno_media

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