Bill Gates tells Sanjay Gupta that vaccines will be used to reduce the population. reported that Kenya was seeing mass infertility occurring at the hands of WHO anti-tentanus immunizations.

…new allegations that two United Nations organizations have sterilized millions of girls using anti-tetanus vaccination programs. The programs have also been sponsored by the Kenyan government. This was discovered by the Catholic Church. The Kenyan government claims to be looking into the matter, but seeing they seem to be related to the issue, one has to wonder how unbiased this investigation will turn out.

So is this interview the precursor we somehow missed to that event?


Pharmaceutical companies and Government agencies hold the keys to population control through our food supply as well as vaccines. When are we going to wake up? History proves than given the power to play God, humans will oblige. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, we are seeing evidence unfold already in Africa. How long are we going to be negligent by intentionally being obtuse? Bill Gates is funding billions of dollars into the Vaccine industry. All the power and money in the world is primarily the engine behind these ideals and concepts. Never have we been in a more precarious position than we are now. I wish we’d all just wake up.

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