The British government have compensated Josh Hadfield after he received the Pandemrix flu vaccine as a 4-year-old and was left permanently disabled from it. He will receive $174,000 is damages for it. The boy is now age 10. It is reported that Josh slept for 19 hours following the injection of the flu. His condition more formally presented itself several weeks later when he began falling asleep every five minutes and suffering from seizures. The British government initially refused to pay anything to Josh or his family.

The Daily Mail reports:

But his mother Caroline, 45, fought a determined campaign and has finally been awarded £120,000 in damages. She said winning was a ‘huge relief’.


‘It will help secure Josh’s future – it’s just a shame we had to jump through this amount of hoops to get this far,’she added.

Families are entitled to £120,000 through the Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme but only if they can prove ‘severe’ disability.

Mrs Hadfield said her son was coping and had to have one to two sleeps during the school day.

‘Josh has had to work incredibly hard because he misses lessons due to sleep and medical appointments,’ she said.

Good to see that justice was served, however, you can never compensate another human being who has lost their health. The compensation could never be enough. And considering the family had to wage a war against the government for so many years, the victory is bitter sweet. Hopefully, it helps Josh cope in the future a bit more comfortably. The future of his medical costs, when compared to the award sum, doesn’t exactly screaming victory.


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