Canada has followed the lead of the United States and approved the sale of GMO salmon. The salmon, produced by AquAdvantage of Massachusettes, is described as “safe and nutritious” by the manufacturer (because of course it is). How do we know that this salmon is “safe and nutritious?” They told us so via a pretty statement.

“GM foods that have been approved by Health Canada have been consumed in Canada for many years, and are safe and nutritious,”

Prior to this decision, Canada only approved GMO crops. GMO salmon is expected to hit store shelves in as little as 16 months in age, which differs drastically from the typical three years for “normal” salmon. Of course, the aforementioned timeline contributes heavily to increased profits.


One tweet really said it all.


This modification is barely tested in terms of the effects it will have on humans who choose to consume it and on the environment at large. It isn’t likely to be easy to figure out which salmon is GMO, either.


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