china farm

The GMO issue in China is a highly complex one. The Chinese have strict regulations on farmers when it comes to GMO seeding. The country’s history of overuse of chemicals on their and overfarming, both a result of massive population booms, have torn up lands leaving them unfarmable as well as led to some water […]

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The world around us becomes more and more synthetic with each passing day. We can modify and invent life. We do this with corn, with cotton and even with salmon. The list of what we can modify is long and egregious. Soon, we will be able to add “babies” to this mortifying list of manipulations. […]

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gmo alfalfa

Two alfalfa farms in Jackson County, Oregon have agreed to a deal stating they will not appeal the voter ban on GMOs. In exchange, they have been given liberal time to remove the current GMO crops already planted. Clearly, the agreement to not appeal means no more GMO crops can be planted in the area. While […]

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