A San Antonio school police officer has been placed on administrative leave after a student’s camera phone caught him “body slamming” a 12-year-old student. Officer Joshua Kehm appears to struggle to maintain control of the young girl at Rhodes Middle School. She appears to have been potentially knocked out momentarily. Appearing dazed from the contact with the floor, the girl is then handcuffed.

According to the NYPost, other students said the young girl was kicking the officer originally and had prior been suspended.

KSAT reported that a group of students claimed that Valdez kicked the officer several times before he grabbed her. Valdez denied doing so, telling the station that she was suspended from school for two days as a result of the initial confrontation.


“I was upset. I was angry, because I still couldn’t believe that he had done that to her,” said Valdez’s mother, Gloria. “And then she told me, ‘Mom, I wasn’t fighting. Why would he do that?’”

Price said the district’s police department and the school administration were investigating the incident.

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