Big Pharma has a big friend in Hillary Clinton. That is becoming crystal clear as we head into this election year. As many other states look to legalize marijuana, Hillary Clinton is looking to do the exact opposite. Federal law will be enforced over state mandates and legalized marijuana will be a thing of the past. This according to her daughter, Chelsea.

Keep in mind that states that have legalized marijuana have seen a drastic drop in opioid abuse/deaths. That is not good for Big Pharma business.

The Clinton’s are generally felt responsible for the explosion of weed convictions. Prior to ’93, federal officers ignored simple marijuana possession. During Bill Clinton’s two terms, prison sentences grew, police forces grew, and feds started going after individual pot users. Many states followed the Fed’s lead. As a result, the prison population exploded ten fold, from less than 200,000 to well over a million.


Big Pharma has invested a lot of money in Hillary Clinton.



Here is the video where she implies marijuana is deadly.

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