This is big.

The Chicago Tribune became the 1st major newspaper to ask Hillary Clinton to step aside and remove herself from the ticket. From their article today:

If ruling Democrats hold themselves to the high moral standards they impose on the people they govern, they would follow a simple process:


They would demand that Mrs. Clinton step down, immediately, and let her vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, stand in her place.

Democrats should say, honestly, that with a new criminal investigation going on into events around her home-brew email server from the time she was secretary of state, having Clinton anywhere near the White House is just not a good idea.

As most are aware, the “dishonest media” has been anti-Trump┬ásince the get-go. He is a big threat to the current status quo and most media outlets are consolidated into huge corporations.

No word if any newspaper has actually withdrawn its endorsement but with a candidate facing a long jail term, it would seem impossible for most to continue to support the troubled candidate.

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