Obama’s complete and embarrassing failed overhaul of our education system, called Common Core, is a painful ridiculous excuse to burn our tax dollars and control our society. It is also yet another example of Government overreaching. The program is so bad that homeschooling numbers are up all over the country, many parents citing Common Core as a common cause.

Bill Gates loves Common Core. Because of course they do. But most parents hate it. Check out a recent gallup poll over the matter.

Gallup Poll
Pretty consistent, wouldn’t you say? But hey, who wants to listen to the parents anyways? What could they possibly understand about their children’s educations beyond what the Government understands?


The Math is Ridiculous

Simple addition is no longer simple, not even for adults. Forget helping your kids with math anymore, you yourself will need a course in Common Core before you will be able to help. Common Core math now includes dots, boxes, dashes and hashmarks. And worst of all, it takes forever. Want to know what 9+6 is? Well watch this amazingly frustrating experience whereas a teacher shows us how it is done.

So 9+6=15? No, first you have to create a total mess, then somehow you get to 15. I am honestly not 100% sure what just happened there? Why wouldn’t you teach a child to just do this simple math in their head? This is an awful way to learn math. She took far too long to solve such a simple math problem. Kids are becoming slower and slower because of this.

Parental Rights are Decimated

Most parents, as shown in the graphic above, do not want Common Core. We still have Common Core. What does that tell you? The Government has overstepped its boundaries and is showing little sign of getting off our sofa and leaving as we’ve asked them to do. How does the Government handle crtisism? By arresting parents who speak out. Just watch.

They didn’t even want to allow this man to speak his mind, when he does, he gets arrested. Really think about that! There is a parent screaming “let him ask his question!” This is so incredibly sad to watch.

Common Core is another Government program which has failed. But no one seems to want to accept responsibility for that failure, so on and on we go. It is time that as parents, we refuse to accept this madness (and refuse to pay for it). Our system of learning was 1000’s of years old, it is a total joke to think that some Government agency stepped in thinking they could enhance that system.

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