Holy smokes.


Recently, all information regarding alleged serial underage sexual predator Anthony Weiner has pointed to a number of sick and disgusting revelations regarding “Spirit Cooking” and ritualistic demonic sex dinners under the guise as “art”. ┬áRecently news of other trysts with apparently underage victims seem to be coming out against the disgraced husband of Hillary Clinton confidant Huma Abedin. Another strange fact, Bill Clinton presided over the wedding of Huma and Anthony Weiner.


Now just days after the recovery of Anthony Weiners hard drive, FBI officials made the largest child sex trafficking bust in US history in OHIO! Remember Weiner’s hard drive was taken on October 3rd for investigation into his underage sexual exploitation case. This bust took place from October 13-16th and then was announced by James Comey on October 28th. Oddly, the same day as the Clinton case being reopened.

Here is the link to the raid, which has been  mostly swept under the rug and not many details have been made available leading some to believe this event is tied into the high-end sex trafficking as mentioned in numerous alleged stories regarding Bill Clinton and his relationship with convicted child trafficker Jeffery Epstein.

COLUMBUS, OHIO: The FBI says dozens of pimps, prostitutes and associates have been arrested under international efforts to combat underage human trafficking.

The FBI says 239 child-sex traffickers and their associates were arrested and 82 children were rescued from Oct. 13 to 16 as part of Operation Cross Country X.

The details on the bust are that the raid took place on October 13th thru the 16th, about 10 days after the FBI took possession of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, October 3rd.

This story was released on October 28th to almost zero fanfare and very little information has been released regarding suspects names and background information. Leading many to speculate this is tied to Anthony Weiner.

This has lead many to speculate this is allegedly tied to Anthony Weiner.

Full link to story here.

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