The whirlwind that is Robert De Niro and his seemingly more defined anti-vaccination stance isn’t taking a break. A few days ago, De Niro appeared on the Today Show where he admitted he was against removing Vaxxed from his TriBeca Film Festival lineup. Once again, his cofounder, Jane Rosenthal, appeared awkward and conflicted when De Niro spoke.

Well known Anti-Vaccine supporter Jim Carrey immediately tweeted an image of himself, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Grace De Niro (Robert’s wife) and Eric Gladen.

So let the rabbit hole commence.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a well-known supporter of anti-vaccination stances, similar to Carrey. Eric Gladen is the producer of Trace Amounts, an anti-vaccination documentary that ran last year. The origin of the photo, which was originally published on Gladen’s Facebook page, appears to have derived from a meeting that took place a week prior. The timing would have placed it just shortly after De Niro was seemingly forced to pull Vaxxed from TriBeca’s screening lineup.

It would be difficult to summarize De Niro as anything but a supporter of anti-vaccination premises at this juncture. As speculation has grown and De Niro himself denies any “anti-vaccine” sentiment and claims to push only for “safe vaccines,” he is likely learning that to the masses, there is no line of separation. Even the slightest admission that vaccines could cause any negative effects incites the masses to revile your name and creates a stream of social backlash.

The powerhouse meeting likely sets up plans to support Wakefield’s documentary, which De Niro noted himself as being regretful for pulling it. “I think people should see it,” he told Today Show host. De Niro is now searching for the truth, and he’s surrounded himself with like-minded people. He’s officially stood up to the establishment.

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