Delaying vaccines are as controversial as refusing them all together.

Parents choosing to delay vaccination schedules are often labeled as “anti-vaxxers” as a way to paint them as ignorant people who threaten the well-being of society. It’s a typical indicator of a society going crazt, intimidating anyone who chooses to even consider alternative decisions away from Government protocols.

According to “scientist, researchers and pharmaceutical-funded studies,” delaying vaccinations creates only risks and no rewards. But a new study is telling a different story. Apparently delaying a DTaP vaccination can decrease a child’s risk of skin allergy, such as Eczema.


This finding was made when a study from Allergy was attempting to prove that delaying DTaP caused less frequency of food allergies. Instead, they discovered the Eczema finding.

Delaying immunization with diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine was not associated with reduced risk of food allergy but children with delayed DTaP were found to have less eczema and used less eczema drugs, according to a study published in Allergy. 

What’s ultimately discouraging is that this component of the study will be actively buried and the portion about the food allergy aspect will be pushed front and center. Reports of a connection between DTaP and Eczema have been going on for a very long time. A forum thread on has a lengthy amount of post by mother’s insisting, anecdotally, that their children had perfect skin until this DTaP vaccine was injected into them.

Has anyone else seen a link between the DTaP vaccine and eczema? My DD had beautiful skin until we started her on vax at 4 months. We did DTaP at four months and HIB at five months. She was already suffering red, itchy skin by the HIB shot. I don’t want to get her any more vax EVER–or at least until she’s a lot older and actually needs specific ones. She’s now six months and the skin situation is just getting worse. I’ve been eating a lot of dairy lately so I’m going to cut that out and hope it helps. I’m wondering if the dairy allergy could be from the vax also.

I would be happy to not vax at all, but my hubby is a science guy and thinks we need some, though very selective and delayed. We did DTap and HIB with our older daughter and didn’t see any reaction.

My poor baby is going crazy with the itching and it’s affecting her sleep. I feel like a HORRIBLE mom for letting her get any shots. I’m worried now that she’ll be afflicted for life with skin conditions and allergies.

Any remedies to recommend? My midwife told me today to get a certain coconut lotion (Skin Trip) that she’s seen help even babies with severe eczema, when even steroids didn’t help.


My son had beautiful skin up until 4 months of age when a ped BS’d us into vaccinating him. Bottom line he got 9 shots total (3 sets of DTaP, HiB and PCV) before I started my research at 4, 6 and 8 months of age. Each time after the shots he would get worse and worse outbreak of eczema (I was just too silly to connect the dots till it was too late). He is 4.5yo now and still has problems with eczema . I believe it was caused by vaccines. Our dd is vax-free and never had this problem.
Also prior to vaccines our son was very calm, he was waking up a lot at night, but would never cry, just make those cute baby sounds till I wake up and nurse him. Right after the first vax set (at 4 months) he became like a different baby: waking up and screaming. He’s never been so calm afterwards . Now of course it makes perfect sense since there are heavy neuro-toxins in vaccines. I just wish I knew it before I allowed him to get any vaxs…


My vaxed son was the same. He had perfect skin for the first 2 months then he devloped eczema, in the spring of all times. It’s much worse in the winter for him now. He is 7 almost 8 and it has gotten better with each passing year. He hasn’t been vaxed since 17 months old. My unvaxed son still has perfect skin at 3, no sign of eczema on him.


My dd got developed eczema within a week of her 2 month shots then after the 4 month ones she went off the charts horrible with it face swollen and red hair fell out, hands swelled up etc. and after each set of vax from that point on she would have horrific flairs and ended up on 2 seperate occasions had to have steroid shots because she was in danger of developing infection from her busted hands.

I didnt even realize what was going on but it is clear as day looking back what happened. I can actually look at a picture of her before and after each vax and see the damage.


My daughter received her first and only set of shots at 3 months – DTaP. She stopped babbling, stopped smiling, she had on and off fits of crying for a week like she had never had before (or since), her head would ‘shudder’ and her legs blew up with excema within a week after the jab. It looked like a like a cheese grator was dragged up and down them from her knees to her ankles. (The babblling and smiling started to return at 8 months thankfully).Too early to do any allergy testing at 3 months I went on elimination diets (removed dairy, wheat etc…), removed carpeting, removed any wool that was around, dressed her only in light cotton, tried every cream, oil, salve, (natural and not) out there, tried oat baths/pastes (made it worse)…..bathed her often with sea salt or baking powder added to water then coated her legs in Eucerin (the ONLY thing that worked for her). Phew…it was a CRAZY, exasperating and painful time for us and our daughter in her first year. A never ending quest to figure out the source of her excema even though I was convinced it had something to do with the DTaP shot. We never did anymore vaccines. By her allergy appointment at 13 months the excema was edging off. Poppy still had very itchy, dry legs and bouts of excema (3 week cycles) but it was far, far less that when it had started. She could now go barefoot without tearing up her ankles. She had a skin prick test at 13months. The only thing she was allergic to was EGGS…not dairy, not wheat, not nuts, not citrus…nothing else. Her reaction to egg was not anaphylactic but it was severe. Did she have that reaction as a result of the pertussis component in DTaP being cultivated in egg embryo?! I believe she did. I also believe that if we had continued to vax then her excema would have doubled / tripled. Interestingly, the allergist and our doctor disagreed on vaxing further (not that it mattered to us because we refused to do any more). While the allergist believes there is no link our mainstream doctor immediately said, ‘no shots’. We had susbequent allergy tests and by the time Poppy turned 3 yrs she had outgrown her egg allergy. Her allergist remarked that she had almost never seen a young child outgrow that severity of egg reaction in such a short time.

At 4 yrs, Poppy is excema and allergy free. She also hates eggs. Go figure.

The list goes on and on. And that’s just from 2009. Conventional wisdom would have us combine the massive amounts of parental anecdotes painting a grim picture of DTaP with the findings of a study, however, that’s not how this will go at all. Instead, as I mentioned before, the results will be buried. Do not fear sharing the truth, however.

Sites such as ours are here to serve as the unbiased factor, no matter what the consequences of that may be.

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