Common Core is one of the most controversial Democratic legislations in the nation. Both parents and teachers alike have fought to have it removed from their schools; some schools have even gone so far as just to stop using the system without approval. There are lots of videos showing parents attempting to solve Common Core math problems but failing.

The truth is, I can’t solve elementary Common Core math problems myself.

One of the DNC leaked emails hints at the DNC actually understanding how reviled Common Core is even among their own voting base. But it also shows that they conceal it as a way to not bring attention to it, rather than moving to abolish it (that’s a big difference).


One email shows the communications staff directing video producers to remove any mention of Common Core from their ads.

“Common Core is a political third rail that we should not be touching at all,” Deputy Communications Director Eric Walker wrote. “Get rid of it.” The email was sent in May 2016.

This is an admission that the DNC realizes Common Core is a failure, but similarly, refuse to remove it.

Here is the full email Walker.

Guys, this is a long-standing problem that I look forward to addressing at our meeting on Wednesday. There needs to be a better system because a number of times now, I have asked for specific things in a video, and what I get back is some reinterpretation that doesn’t work for the comms staff.

  1. Common Core is a political third rail that we should not be touching at all. Get rid of it.
  2. Most people want local control of education so having Cruz and Trump saying it on a DNC video is counterproductive. Would get rid of any references to that.
  3. We wanted Christie in there bc he’s a trump surrogate / could be trump vp / most anti-teacher guy out there. He’s yelled at pretty much everyone, there HAS to be video of him yelling at teachers and looking like a bully
  4. Need Cruz saying dept of fed should be abolished. If you can’t find it – use this < I POSTED THE VIDEO BELOW> from AFP summit: “The department of Education – which should be abolished”


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