Dr. Andrew Wakefied is scheduled to speak at EU event and “scientists” are very upset.

Scientists believe that the European parliament is endangering the lives of children by hosting an anti-vaccination event featuring Andrew Wakefield.

Wakefield  will be among the speakers at the event on February 9. There will also be a screening of Vaxxed, the film he directed which alleges a cover-up of data proving that vaccines cause autism.


The event is organised by Michèle Rivasi, a Green MEP from France. Yesterday autism activists and scientists called on her to reconsider. “It is a bad thing for Wakefield to be given any kind of platform,” said Darren Leneghan, of the Jenner Institute, which develops vaccines. “He’s a dangerous…

Vaccine Safety has become a focal point of the Trump Administration in the United States after his appointment of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to a special position within the U.S. Government to evaluate the safety of vaccines.

Thank you, President Trump, for getting Vaccine Safety back into mainstream discussion and thank you, Dr. Wakefield, for never surrendering to the media attacks.

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