Dr. Rachael Ross is a recurring co-host on the Emmy® Award-winning talk show The Doctors, and a practicing board-certified family medicine physician. Dr. Rachael, practices medicine in her hometown of Gary, Indiana with her father, Dr. David Ross, and her brother, Dr. Nathaniel Ross, while mom Ruthie serves as office manager. Dr. Rachael’s sister, Rebekkah Ross, was also a physician and part of the Ross Family Doctors’ practice until she passed away from complications related to sickle cell anemia in 2011.

Social causes seem to be an area of passion for her. In 2012, Dr. Rachael received Northwest Indiana’s prestigious Athena International Service Award for the work she started in 2004 with her sister Dr. Rebekkah, mentoring girls in their hometown. The duo’s philanthropy has also been recognized by the National Council of Negro Women.

So when Vaxxed:From Coverup To Catastrophe premiered in Chicago this weekend, it brought a lot of attention for the doctor, who also appears in the movie. The added local attention has brought out a very concise message of support and a plea for those considering seeing the movie, to see it as soon as you can.


Doctor Ross, we could not have said it any better:


Its been an interesting weekend. It’s opening weekend here in Chicago for @vaxxeddocumentary. I was interviewed for the documentary and my involvement started with me responding honestly on camera to documents and research surrounding the MMR vaccine, African American boys, and autism. ‘Sure you can interview me…sure I’ll look at the documents..’..just my honest gut feelings as a Black physician and a Black mom
…this weekend the theater has been filled with parents of vaccine injured kids, it’s been difficult emotionally…at the beginning of the panel they asked all the parents who had a vaccine injured child to stand…and when I tell you my heart dropped when half the audience stood, that would be an understatement. Black and white, Latina, and other…all standing in solidarity, united by this one life altering event… and honestly, one of the hardest parts has been these exhausted parents coming up to me at the end, and calling me a hero for what I said during the documentary. Can you really be considered a hero for saying and doing the right thing??? If so, we need more heroes out here. So when #Vaxxed hits the theater in your town, make sure you see it, because it just might change your heart and your mind about vaccine related injuries and autism…and you might just become the hero we need to push for more answers.


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