Terrorist events are often used as a way to diminish citizen’s privacy as well as trample all over our freedom of speech. In the case of the FBI adding anyone who doubts the commonly accepted 9-11 story of Al Qaeda sponsored terrorist crashing commercial airliners into the World Trade center, it has both speech and privacy on the heels of being severely compromised. The FBI has been circulating an instructional pamphlet to “help identify terrorists” to local police departments. The document adds anyone having a conspiracy theory about 9-11 to it.


This article should not be confused with an article supporting, or otherwise not supporting, a 9-11 conspiracy theory. This article is, however, identifying a grave and tragic application of disturbing government overreach. People certainly have the right to speak and think whatever they like and shouldn’t have their privacy compromised for it. That’s a premise this country was built on. In addition, if the 9-11 conspiracy theory is so completely outrageous, wouldn’t the government be better off allowing the silliness to shine through on its own rather than subjugating the information? The FBI simply lends credibility to these theories in its attempts to harass and imprison those who share them. Attempting to uproot skeptics doesn’t sound very American to me and hopefully, more Americans than myself share such a sentiment.


How devastating is this? Well, when you consider that a recent survey shows that over half of Americans are open to the idea of alternative 9-11 theories, it is pretty insanely bad. Moments such as this one cause me grave concern over the future welfare of our country and its citizens. We are supposed to be of free will but more and more we are becoming enslaved by an overreaching aggressive militant power. And we simply stand by, consumed by reality TV and social media, as it continues to spread like a virus.

In the end, this is a military power attempting to seize control over the people’s thoughts and actions. The very principles which make us Americans collapsing more and more with each passing day. The idea that we can’t even question the government translates into a government that can act without repercussions, nor any checks and balances. The ability to conspire against the people is now an open door.

Photo by Tim Pierce

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