Holly Oakley was a lively, energetic 15-year-old who loved playing sports. Now when she gets her period, she vomits severely, often leading to hospitalization. Her mother, Vicky, says that her daughter’s battle is heartbreaking to watch.


While Doctors claim they don’t know the cause, they also refuse to accept what Vicky claims to be the cause: An HPV vaccine given to Holly for “cancer prevention.” The vaccine was given to a her daughter as part of a school program.


According to Daily Mail, Holly was an overachiever who has now been reduced to battling a sickness that causes her to be bed ridden. ‘Holly was unstoppable, full of energy and very high achieving – then she had the vaccine. Now, it’s like we’ve lost our daughter for the meantime,’ she said.

‘Whenever I say I believe it was down to the jab, I’m seen as an anti-vaccine extremist, but I’m not. My kids have had all their vaccines.

‘I’m not saying no child should have the HPV vaccine, but I want people to equip themselves with all the facts.

‘All I can go on is my side of the story, and I’m convinced Holly’s health problems are a reaction to the jab.’


Holly’s issues seemed to have began when taking the last of a three course Gardasil vaccination. She soon began vomiting, seemingly for no reason at all. Doctors first decided that Holly merely had a stomach bug. Of course this proved not true.

How bad did it get?

‘It was possibly the worst three months ever,’ she said. ‘Holly was in an episode the entire time. We were in and out of hospital because she was so poorly.

‘She was constantly nauseous and couldn’t get out of bed because she was so exhausted. Some days she couldn’t even speak.

‘She was tested for a lot of things, and it was even suggested she may be bulimic but I knew that wasn’t the case. I knew it was hormonal.’

Doctors remained vigilant that it wasn’t the HPV vaccine at all. You can read Holly’s full story here.

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