Monsanto is constantly preaching that it is a safe way to produce food for starving nations, and well, for the United States, Europe and Australia. They’ve launched massive ad campaigns hoping to persuade people into believing they are for the good of mankind.

This according to his interview with

Well now inventor Shiva Ayyadurai has an offer for Monsanto if they can prove they are legit.


If the Monsanto Company can disprove his [Ayyadurai’s] claim that there are “no safety assessment standards” for genetically modified organisms (GMO), he will give the agro-giant a $10 million building that he owns in Cambridge, Massachusetts.“If Monsanto can disprove the fact that there are no safety assessment standards for GMOs, the conclusion of our fourth paper, then I will give them my $10 million building.”(source)

Ayyadurai is an MIT graduate who holds the first U.S. copyright for email. Ayyadurai believes that he has discovered large amounts of toxic formaldehyde in GMO plants, which is why he strongly feels he’ll never have to pay up on the offer. But don’t expect Monsanto to jump at the opportunity to disprove claims while also gaining new residence. The company largely evades any sort of criticism and hides behind self-funded legislation.


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