Calvin College in Michigan has diagnosed a possible case of mumps. Not a confirmed case, but a possible case, I’d like to stress. The University sent out a memo stating that it was contacting the unvaccinated and telling them to get vaccinated, or be barred access from the University for the next 26 days.

Possible mumps case on Calvin College campus There has been a possible case of mumps reported on Calvin’s campus. We should know by mid-day Monday if this case is confirmed. Please check the Calvin Health Services website for further updates to this situaBon. Mumps is a highly contagious disease characterized by swollen jaws and puffy cheeks, which may progress to more serious complicaBons in adults. This viral illness is spread through the transfer of saliva or mucus (talking, coughing, sneezing, etc.). Our Health Services department has been following Calvin protocols designed to guide us in situaBons like this and has working closely with the Kent County Health Department to miBgate exposure and risk. Our primary concern has been for those students who, according to our records, are not vaccinated for mumps. These students have been contacted and have been offered vaccinations. If the test results come back posiBve on Monday, those students who choose not to get vaccinated will be asked to leave campus immediately for 26 days by order of the Kent County Health Department. While we recognize that this situaion represents a potentially serious disrupton to the remainder of this academic year, the college will work with impacted students to accommodate a successful finish. Students who chose to receive a vaccination will be welcome to remain on campus for the remainder of the academic year, while those students who declined the vaccination will need to leave and will receive additional information in the coming days regarding steps to be taken to complete the semester away from campus.

It is incredible to think that paying students could be dismissed from their courses over a single case of mumps. Harvard is having the same issue, however, it is confirmed that the students spreading the illness are the vaccinated. According to logic, wouldn’t it make more sense to dismiss the vaccinated in this case? My hope is that eventually a class-action suit is filed against one of these universities. There is no evidence that the unvaccinated have anything to do with this nor need any official protection. They pay high tuition, they have the right to attend their classes. Parents of these students should be outraged.


Photo by Noodles and Beef

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