The CDC has long known that the war against vaccine freedom is won at the level of the people themselves. All marketing, whether rogue, grass roots or expensive ad campaigns, realize that in the end, the fuel is the people. Dividing people is the initial goal, then using the divided pro-vaccination pawns to act as soldiers for the “campaign” is the fundamental second part. It has always worked pretty well.

The CDC, however, is realizing that social media is a playground of influence. There latest campaign (revived from last year), #VaxWithMe, is a selfie campaign that ask those who get a flu shot to take a selfie getting the flu shot and then hashtag the image. Those adults who aren’t comfortable taking selfies getting flu shots likely turned to teenagers for help, because teenagers also use selfies for both attention and to campaign causes.

Of course, while most of us can laugh about the incredibly silliness of adults taking selfies while injecting mercury in them, those who have vaccine injured children don’t share such sentiments. Instead, campaigns like this that come off with amusing tones can serve to hurt them. Shari Hagen is one of those moms. She posted under the #VaxWithMe campaign, but it was preceded with “no.” And for good reason, her child was apparently injured by a vaccine. In this video she shows off his new accomplishment of reciting the alphabet and notes he was non-verbal before this.



I am sure that seeing a #VaxWithMe selfie campaign really frustrated and upset her, but her classy response is really brilliant. And we congratulate her and her son on the wonderful progress!


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