The mainstream media has taken, yet again, a dreary path of creating deceptive stories to paint a potential enemy of the United States as also, an anti-vaccine proponent. Or did the FBI just take down an anti-vaccine, anti-GMO and anti-geoengieneering advocate?

This tainted journalism practice allows the media to extract personal details, such as the person’s stance on vaccines or geoengineering and then associate it with an egregious criminal act. Did the FBI just do the same?

As is the case with Safya Yassin, a 38-year-old Missouri Mom who authorities took into custody in late February for making threats against President Obama, publishing names and addresses of military members and threatening two FBI agents with the message, “Wanted to kill.” She allegedly tweeted a series of pro-ISIS messages using numerous Twitter accounts. The Daily Beast reported the story, which is newsworthy, however, have a look at the headline they ran.



This upsetting headline is proof that agendas in mainstream media exist. Her stances on vaccines or geoengineering simply aren’t relevant to the narrative. The fact is, if those beliefs were relevant, then we’d need to take deep journalistic dives into the socio-political views of all accused and convicted criminals. I’m relatively confident that most would be pro-vaccine and not identify with any geoengineering concepts.

This was an effort by the Daily Beast, as well as a variety of other outlets, to target and discriminate against anti-vaccination proponents. This story isn’t written if Yassin is heavily supporting pro-vaccine efforts and social media groups. This disturbing trend in the media puts on display the a media controlled by corporate puppeteers. But the larger picture here is, does the FBI even arrest Yassin without her being an anti-vaccine proponent? Take a look.

According to Daily Beast, Yassin’s aunt, she never tweeted original content, she simply reshared information from other accounts.

“The real story is, she’s not a terrorist,” her aunt, Sandra Mick, told The Daily Beast. “She retweeted and reposted what other people had posted, that’s the story.”

“She’s never been outside this country. I doubt she’s even met a real Muslim,” Mick said.

This is important when you consider what else is being stated about her ‘criminal activity.’ She also shared the following:

“Flu has been declared an epidemic. 2,257 People have been Hospitalized. Yet 1 in 54 boys will be diagnosed with Autism,” Yassin, mother to an autistic boy, wrote in 2013. “Where is the alarm from the CDC on that? While the flu lasts on average 5 days, Autism lasts a lifetime.”

“If she was passionate about GMOs [genetically modified organisms], Monsanto, something like that… she would go out and protest about that,” Valenti said.

So then what is the actual story here? Was Yassin targeted due to her associations with ISIS or was the pro-Muslim retweets just an excuse to take an anti-vaccine, anti-GMO and anti-geoengineering protestor down? I wouldn’t ask such a question if it weren’t for the fact that so much of the case seems to be heavily reliant on her socio-political stances. What made Yassin a mark? Thousands of people daily support extreme Muslim agendas without being arrested. And the commentary on her vaccine stances seems to be rather involved. Is this now being used as evidence? Was her stances on vaccines a part of a larger ‘criminal’ profile?

This leads me to wonder just exactly how much anti-vaccination proponents are monitored online.


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