Guest writer Shirley Shaw is a mother of two children, one on the spectrum. She contributes open letters to Truth Kings occasionally.

The headlines have been consistent: The unvaccinated have spawned a new apocalyptic day and age of measles. Measles is now spreading, and the media is blaming those who failed to get their MMR vaccine and booster. According to the LATimes,  “Vaccination aversion has fueled measles and whooping cough outbreaks, study finds.” Words such as “reluctant” and “refusal” are deployed in the language for good dramatic measure. The splashy headlines that have infected Facebook newsfeeds like a bad rash are derived from a study released on Tuesday from JAMA. The JAMA study was more giving a clerical detail to an intern to look up some data.

The data of discovery was taking each measles case and determining the vaccine status of each diagnosed individual. They found that roughly half of these persons were not vaccinated. (JAMA Source). Let’s have a closer look at the findings presented in this study.

Findings  We identified 18 published measles studies (9 annual summaries and 9 outbreak reports), which described 1416 measles cases (individual age range, 2 weeks-84 years; 178 cases younger than 12 months) and more than half (56.8%) had no history of measles vaccination. Of the 970 measles cases with detailed vaccination data, 574 cases were unvaccinated despite being vaccine eligible and 405 (70.6%) of these had nonmedical exemptions (eg, exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons, as opposed to medical contraindications; 41.8% of total). Among 32 reports of pertussis outbreaks, which included 10 609 individuals for whom vaccination status was reported (age range, 10 days-87 years), the 5 largest statewide epidemics had substantial proportions (range, 24%-45%) of unvaccinated or undervaccinated individuals. However, several pertussis outbreaks also occurred in highly vaccinated populations, indicating waning immunity. Nine reports (describing 12 outbreaks) provided detailed vaccination data on unimmunized cases; among 8 of these outbreaks from 59% through 93% of unvaccinated individuals were intentionally unvaccinated.


First, let’s look at that portion I placed in bold regarding pertussis vaccinations. We’ve seen a lot of recent cases regarding pertussis being spread FROM the vaccinated TO the vaccinated. We’ve also seen this with Mumps recently (which is a part of the MMR cocktail): Here, here and here. The JAMA study and mainstream news stations both place these pieces of information as footnotes, of course. But the reality is, this study blatantly says that vaccinated people spread one of the illnesses. I’ve not taken one thing out of context; you can read it and source it for yourself.

Now there is the case of measles. We are talking about just upwards of 1400 cases. In these cases, there have been 0 deaths and no known injuries. Furthermore, half of the individuals were vaccinated. The new vaccine industry lingo, “waning vaccine,” is applied to justify such results. Also, “herd immunity” can explain the remaining curiosities. Again, however, we are talking about measles.

There have been ten measles deaths since the year 2000 in the United States, according to data from the CDC. By comparison, in the United States, 1 in 68 babies born will have autism.  Autism services cost U.S. citizens $236-262 billion annually. (Buescher et al., 2014). In 2014, more than 28,000 were killed by prescription medications (source). Pharmaceutical companies cause 28,000 deaths per year from prescription medications; measles doesn’t even qualify as a one death per year. The same industry which makes the MMR vaccine, of course, takes no responsibility for it’s relationship to autism. Autism is a magical disease found when children accidentally climb Jack’s beanstalk without permission. So autism has no cause.

Measles is garnering headlines in outrageous, eye-popping fashion because some researchers grew concerned over 1400 people with measles. 1400 individuals who are alive and well. Half of them vaccinated. Either autism is caused by the MMR vaccine or autism has no cure: in either case, would it not seem to be a much more worthy story? Autism is affecting our country at it’s very core. The growing numbers of cases are absurd; the cost is taxing to our social economy. We have parents who struggle daily to help their children and “grown adults” survive. We have people addicted to pharmaceutical pixie dust and dying in mass volume. But we are worried about measles. We can’t look into the MMR connection to autism because that wouldn’t benefit the pharmaceutical industry. We can’t legalize medical marijuana too fast because pharmaceuticals are too busy profiting from those people with bits of their liver still functioning. And we can’t leave measles alone because a few measles cases, harmless as they may be, are promotional gold.

I’d rather my child have measles than I would have autism or become an OxyContin addict. All the resources I see wasted on measles is so draining to my soul it ‘s hard to watch even the news. The subjugation of information, such as the vaccinated spreading the illnesses, is a comment on society’s preoccupation with reality TV narratives and their subjugation by the media. We aren’t even willing to explore the truth anymore; we are too busy licking what’s left from the spoon. The problem is, the reality TV narratives shall soon be us. Because our reality, while we’ve been preoccupied, has caused us all to become characters in a dreadful movie that has an even worse end whereas we’ve ended up skeletons of our once healthy beings.


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