Troubling news out of Enid, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Health Department later reported there have been four confirmed cases in Garfield County and at least 34 suspected cases.

State health officials are issuing a mumps outbreak warning in Oklahoma, that appears initially to be tied to the outbreak in Arkansas, which is seemingly targeting only vaccinated children within both states.


Oklahoma will also punish its unvaccinated healthy children and send home the unvaccinated students unless they receive the ineffective MMR vaccine. The same vaccine failing in Arkansas. Students that refuse the vaccine, will be suspended until the school is clear of mumps for 26 days. Initial estimates are that this outbreak will last at least 6 months. Unjustly punishing the healthy children.

“Those not in compliance — there are about 12 students who don’t have the MMR vaccine — will not be allowed to return to school until they are in compliance.”

Some experts are now openly speculating the existence of a new strain of the virus. If true, why are students still being given a knowingly ineffective MMR vaccine?

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