In 2010, Nancy Schaefer and her husband of 2010, were both found dead. The police concluded that this was the result of a murder-suicide propagated by her husband. But there has never been a motive determined and most people believe this conclusion to be false.

Before Nancy’s death, she published a book accusing the Georgia foster care services of blatant corruption. The book was titled,¬†The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services.

Many theories suggest that Nancy angered the wrong people with her campaigns to expose the dirty foster care system and that this is connected to her murder.


A new video puts all of the clues together and further suggest that the children were being exposed to a pedophilia¬†trade and that it is possible that Nancy’s death is an early connection to Pizza Gate. So much revolves around testimony of friends that Bruce simply couldn’t have killed his wife. It is said that he was incredibly supportive of Nancy. There is also a claim that DFCS in Georgia knowingly housed children in homes with known pedophilia activity.


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