An article in MyStatesMan loosely mentions the fact that one Texas’ State Representatives has introduced legislation which could vastly change the consent and pharma work.

State Rep. Sarah Davis, R-West University Place, also has filed four bills related to vaccinations, including one that would allow teens 14 and older to provide their own consent to obtain the vaccination against the human papillomavirus, which can cause throat cancer in men and cervical cancer in women.

“The science is 100 percent on the side of those who advocate for widespread immunizations to eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases,” Davis said.


This seems like an incredibly scary slippery slope. Imagine the power that pharma could yield over our children if they are able to get similar style bills through legislation involving a slew of other medications. What happens when 14-year-olds or even 10-year-olds are able to consent to Ritalin or Prozac? When it comes to mandatory laws and now consent laws, the breeding ground seems to be vaccines due to their widespread appeal and legions of sympathizers. But vaccines are most certainly NOT the end game. There is too much money to be made in a spectrum of pharmaceutical concoctions. Will 12-year-old girls one day be asking for weight loss pills?

I know, so much of the above seemed like hyperbole. This is only about vaccines, right? Parents should be the deciding factor for their children’s medication profile. Once we allow this to crack even slightly, we lose our power to protect the entire infrastructure. Remember, many schools attempt to perform their own psych evaluations and then recommend kids get their head meds. How many times have your kids asked you about things their peers were doing? Imagine for a second your 14-year-old daughter hearing that her friends were taking a medication; she’d never even have to have the conversation with you.

Kids will hear “anti-cancer” vaccine. The pitch will be dumbed down. Parents will be eliminated from the process.

We can only hope that President-Elect Donald Trump somehow discourages these types of legislations.

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