Patton Oswalt has clearly yet to deal with his emotions since Hillary’s big loss. And clearly, he’s not finding any healthy ways to deal with them.

Oswalt took a dangerous step beyond just being the casual, Hollywood sore loser when he seemingly encouraged ISIS to attack Donald Trump’s properties around the world. What’s amazing is that Liberals seem content with such declarations.

Imagine if this same Tweet had been written by one of Hillary’s opponents regarding Hillary’s worldwide interests? We’d be having a completely different conversation right now because the Liberal mainstream media would be all over it airing their strong condemnation over the matter. Oswalt, a known Liberal, is getting an undeserved pass.

This is exactly why so many Americans voted for Trump. Liberals feel more threatened by losing a democratically ran election than they do by one of the largest worldwide terror networks in our history. So much so they’d be for ISIS attacking our President’s real estate properties.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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