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We all know the story by now, Robert De Niro came out and announced to the world that he was the father of an Autistic child and was going to screen Vaxxed: From Cover Up To Catastrophe. We all cheered, cried and celebrated with this great man. Only to return 24 hours later and announce the film had been pulled and would not be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival after the “scientific community” had reached out to him. After this occurred, TruthKings was tipped off to take a look into the actual ownership of the Tribeca Film Festival.

A Journey To Wikipedia And The “Scientific Community”

I was told to take a trip thru Wikipedia and look at the other founding partners involved with Tribeca Film Festival. Please follow along, all of the names and companies are linked to their Wikipedia or to the Google source documents. From Wikipedia:


 Craig M. Hatkoff  is an American real estate investor and philanthropist from New York City. Along with Jane Rosenthal who is married to Hatkoff, and Robert De Niro, he co-founded the Tribeca Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Institute in 2002. His sister, Susan, is married to billionaire investor Alan Patricof.[5]

So the take from Wikipedia here is that Hatkoff and Rosenthal are married and billionaires. They represent 66% of the founding partners of Tribeca Film Festival, De Niro being the other founder. Now, their brother-in-law is billionaire investor/global hedge fund guy, Alan Patricof and this is where it gets interesting, allegedly.

Back to Wikipedia:

Alan Patricof  is an American investor and one of the early pioneers of the venture capital and private equity industries. Patricof founded Apax Partners , which is today one of the largest private equity firms globally.

Now this is where it all comes together

A quick Google search of Apax Partners reveals a purchase of a company that specializes in vaccines and clinical trials,  other biomedical companies with backgrounds in vaccinations, delivery of vaccinations, and clinical trials. We do not have the resources to follow the history of each company bought as Apax Partners is a $20-$40 billion dollar company, but there are ties to “Big Pharma” allegedly  all throughout Google.

From another Googled page: Apax Partners Funds invest in Healthcare include: CoreValve, Biolipox, Newron, NicOx, IDM, Galapagos, Hybrigenics, Synt:em, neuro3d, Neurotech, Affymax, Compugen, D-Pharm, Zymogenetics, Lorantis, Medeus Pharma, Wilex, Astex, DBV Technologies, etc.

A lot of these companies can be found by simply googling “Apax Partner vaccines” .

So what does Patricof have to do with Tribeca you ask?

Back to his Wikipedia:

His son is Jonathan Cale Patricof , President of Tribeca Enterprises the company that owns and operates the Tribeca Film Festival.

Now allegedly this is your smoking gun, Tribeca Enterprises, run by Alan Patricof’s son, actually owns Tribeca Film Festival. For a bonus, look at the political affiliations listed on his Wikipedia, you really can’t make this stuff up.



After doing a brief search of Tribeca Film Festival and its owners, this story allegedly looks a lot more like Robert De Niro was a victim himself,  and Big Pharma once again found itself perfectly positioned allegedly with Apax Partners and the Queen of Big Pharma, Hilary Clinton.

This fight is far from over.


Photo Credit Eugene Gologursky/Getty Image and article at Vox titled Hilary Clinton Kicks Off Fundraising With Wall Street Moguls. We have screenshot the picture at Vox out of concern the article could be pulled.


Photo by ellasportfolio

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