Robert De Niro is speaking out again, this time, it was on the Today Show where he said that he regrets his part in the decision to pull Andrew Wakefield’s documentary, Vaxxed, from his TriBeca Film Festival. De Niro completely opened up over the matter leading us to believe that De Niro is in fact, supportive of antivaccination campaigns.

Here a few of De Niro’s nuggets.

“I think people should see it.”


“There is a backlash I haven’t fully explored.”

“I as a parent of a child who has autism, I want to know the truth.”

De Niro says he is pushing for more vaccine safety. De Niro says he will now have a role in the push for vaccine safety. He says that having the film pulled was a result as the distraction created. Jane Rosenthal denies it was donors and sponsors pulling out.

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