Last night, a reporter from The Atlantic made a total fool out of himself when he reported (over and over) that Trump was letting Secret Service agents go. In a series of Tweets, Steve Clemons rambles on as if he’s breaking the latest and greatest story. The Liberal rabble eating it up all the while. The only “minor” issue?

It was fake news….


And then

And even more (is he drinking at the airport bar here?)

But here’s the thing…The Washington Examiner had already reported that this story wasn’t true. The Examiner said of Clemons, “a longtime left-wing think tank writer who now serves as the Washington editor at large of the Atlantic and National Journal.” The Examiner carried out their mission with journalistic integrity. Clemons carried out his mission like a drunken bear that spots some Oreos in a trash bin. There’s a big difference in reporting style between the two. One attempted to garner facts. One used facts. One got hopped up on left-wing agenda and exploded on Twitter.

Of course, the full weight of the gauntlet being dropped on Clemons’ head didn’t come until the Secret Service tweeted for itself.

Room, awkward anyone?

Clemons finally came down from his Left-Wing high and realized the error of his ways.

Photo by LightsMakerStudio

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