The Pinoleville Pomo Nation, who reside in Mendocino County, California, created a stir last year when they made public plans to grow marijuana for the sake of medicine.  A Kansas company called FoxBarry, alongside a Colorado company called United Cannabis, stepped in to help the tribe develop the business plan.

The Pinoleville marijuana farm was on its way to becoming a large-scale provider of medical marijuana. The first on any California tribal land.

The Pinoleville business was based on a tribal, sovereign land. It would create jobs and revenue for an impoverished tribal community. It would provide medicine to people looking to avoid toxic and expensive pharmaceutical medications. But just like any business which threatens even a penny of Pharma’s bottom line, it would be attacked by the government. The  Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office invaded the land and destroyed the crops.


An article on the Press Democrat details the savage invasion.

Deputies eradicated some 400 pot plants from an outdoor location. At another location, they began dismantling a “highly sophisticated” chemical laboratory where honey oil — a sticky, concentrated pot product used to make edible medicine— was being manufactured under the auspices of the Pinoleville Pomo Nation, said Sheriff’s Capt. Greg Van Patten. More than 100 pounds of trimmed and drying marijuana also was found inside the laboratory building, a former car dealership on North State Street.
“I think what they’re doing is not right,” said Nori Baldridge, the tribe’s director of economic development. “This is sovereign land, and this is a sovereign nation,” she said.
“We were shocked,” said Mike Canales, president of the tribe’s business board.
The Mendicino County Sherriff’s office claimed the tribe’s operation broke a 25 pot plants per parcel law, therefore all the crops had to be eradicated. The Sherriff’s office stole property, destroyed property, and ripped the hearts and souls from the tribe. That makes them authoritarian tyrants. This is the government, once again, protecting the interest of big donor Pharmaceutical companies. This is how the savages work to subjugate those with lesser means. This is how the government keeps the rest of us from access to natural and affordable medicines.
The war on drugs has reached an insane peak. It is truly mind numbing that more people can’t see that this is nothing short of government terrorism and a way to imprison large swaths of society into forced work labor prisons.
According to the Press Democrat, 100’s of jobs would have been created.
Representatives of the investment group, FoxBarry Farms, LLC, said the plan was to build a $10 million, 110,000-square-foot indoor facility where they would grow thousands of pot plants and employ up to 100 people. They later said they also would manufacture edible marijuana medications and eventually open a dispensary.
Now we have nothing but destroyed property.


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