Students who cheat, plagiarize or just don’t even turn in their homework atĀ Greenville Co. middle schools will no longer receive a 0 grade. Instead, according to Fox Carolina, they will receive a 61. School officials feel this leaves a greater possibility for the student to come back from bad grades. The 61 is still a fail, but by not being a 0, it caps low points so that children don’t fall impossibly behind.

Board trustee Danna Rohleder told FOX Carolina zeros are destructive to a student’s progress, and teachers are encouraged to give a 61 for incomplete work, and then work with the student to help get their grade up. She said studies have shown students are more likely to be motivated to complete future assignments when zeros are not issued.

“Sometimes grades are hooked to behavior and we don’t want that, we want authentic assessment of what the student knows,” said Rohleder.


Principal Karen Kapp at Sevier Middle School said her teachers are already implementing the no-zero grading practice.

“The idea that we’re not putting zeroes in the gradebook or not putting grades below 61 has been really a positive thing for children who might struggle with or without a lot of support at home,” said Kapp.

Of course, not every parent is happy over the matter. The Internet blew up with unhappy parents likening the “no zero policy” to “every kid getting a trophy and encouragement of futility.


On one hand, it can make sense to give students a perception that they could technically make up for poor grades, but on another, you have to think cheating or just not doing the work deserves every bit of the 0 mark. They may have an encyclopedia’s worth of studies, but something tells me this will reward cheating and laziness. I can’t imagine this doesn’t turn into a loophole and incentive to just not accomplish things.

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