If you are someone who enjoys flying or is forced to fly often for business or family, you might consider the following study which shows that “surges of ionizing radiation” is prevalent in the “friendly” skies. Researchers have long known that cosmic rays are able to penetrate aircraft’s, but the news of the radiation is somewhat of a surprise to them.

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“We have flown radiation sensors onboard 264 research flights at altitudes as high as 17.3 km (56,700 ft) from 2013 to 2017,” says Kent Tobiska, lead author of the paper and PI of the NASA-supported program Automated Radiation Measurements for Aerospace Safety (ARMAS). “On at least six occasions, our sensors have recorded surges in ionizing radiation that we interpret as analogous to localized clouds.”


The fact that air travelers absorb radiation is not news.  Researchers have long known that cosmic rays crashing into Earth’s atmosphere create a spray of secondary particles such as neutrons, protons, electrons, X-rays and gamma-rays that penetrate aircraft.  100,000 mile frequent flyers absorb as much radiation as 20 chest X-rays—and even a single flight across the USA can expose a traveler to more radiation than a dental X-ray.

Conventional wisdom says that dose rates should vary smoothly with latitude and longitude and the height of the aircraft.  Any changes as a plane navigates airspace should be gradual.  Tobiska and colleagues have found something quite different, however: Sometimes dose rates skyrocket for no apparent reason.

“We were quite surprised to see this,” says Tobiska.

These radiation clouds pose grave risk to passengers, particularly those who frequently fly. To think that radiation is being absorbed in us and our children on a frequent basis is rather scary.

This month, we also saw an instance of Virgin Airlines dumping chemtrails from a passenger plane, which was caught on Instagram video. The airline denied that it was participating in weather alterations, but the images certainly told another story….


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