Meet Paul Offit. Paul is an American pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases and claiming to be an expert on vaccines, immunology, and virology. But what he really is, at his core, is a fascist looking to decimate the rights of people and parents. He has a history of going to war against those who push alternative health methods.

Offit’s latest video and propaganda is expectedly as scary as his prior communications featuring a resounding, familiar Nazi party line tone. In the propaganda piece, Offit blames non-vaccinated on the Disney measles “epidemic,” yet fails to mention that 0 injuries or deaths occurred. His hyperbole over the matter is disturbing and a rich sort of propaganda.

Most of you know that the state of California eliminated its philosophical exemption to vaccines. Therefore, the only exemptions in California are medical exemptions. Why did they do that? The reason is that southern California, specifically Disneyland, served as the epicenter for a massive measles epidemic—one that spread across the United States, involving about 25 states and affecting about 158 people, mostly children. The epidemic also extended northward into two Canadian provinces, where it affected hundreds more people. What happened in California was, they asked the question, “Is it your right to catch and transmit a potentially fatal infection?”


It gets more terrifying.

If you go to these rallies in California or Vermont or Michigan, you often hear parents say, “It’s about my rights. It’s my parental right to raise my child as I see fit.” But what about children’s rights? Who represents them? In this country, for example, if you are an African American and you feel that you are being treated badly, there are places you can go and people who will represent you. If you are Jewish and you feel that you are being defamed, there are groups you can go to who will defend you. But if you are a child, it’s assumed that your parents represent your best interests, and that’s not always true. When it’s not true, as in this case where parents have a false belief that vaccines cause autism and they don’t want to vaccinate their children, who do those children go to?

The answer is, they go to the state. That’s what happened, frankly, in California, which basically used a child’s rights issue as the central focus of how they made that change. A little boy who had leukemia would go out to those meetings and say, “What about me? Don’t I have rights, too? I can’t be vaccinated. I depend on those around me to be vaccinated.” In the end, in many ways, this is a child’s rights issue. It is a civil rights issue with a child, and it’s a right that is protected by the 14th Amendment.

No matter how you feel about vaccinations, supporting the party line which strips parents of medicinal rights over their own children is a terrifying road to travel down. This is a man that is going to continue to push to destroy the alternative health market. He wants to shut down all voices which don’t fall in line with that of Pharmaceutical ambitions.

But who is Paul Offit? Pretend for a second you are pro-vaccine (or maybe you are). Are you ok with this? Keep in mind, this is pulled from CBS News.

Offit was not willing to be interviewed on this subject but like others in this CBS News investigation, he has strong industry ties. In fact, he’s a vaccine industry insider.

Offit holds in a $1.5 million dollar research chair at Children’s Hospital, funded by Merck. He holds the patent on an anti-diarrhea vaccine he developed with Merck, Rotateq, which has prevented thousands of hospitalizations.

And future royalties for the vaccine were just sold for $182 million cash. Dr. Offit’s share of vaccine profits? Unknown.

He refused to discuss his ties to pharmaceutical companies with a mainstream media source. What does that tell you? His agenda is pure evil. That piece above on CBS News is from 2008. Today, as you can see from the above-quoted article, his communications are unchanged. As are his financing. This man is making millions stripping away your rights to choose how and when (and what) you medicate your kids. It baffles me that anyone would be OK with this. It shouldn’t matter if you believe in vaccinating, this man is a shining example of how evil operates.

It is intolerable to consider that pharmaceutically funded people become spokespersons for medicine produced by the same pharmaceutical companies. In no other industry would this be considered OK or acceptable.

No one takes any issue with the truth (at least not on my site). But what I do take issue with is corruption. And this my friends, is absolute corruption. This man makes money from the vaccine industry, he is the wrong person to lead the brigade for mandatory vaccinations. And people need to see this very basic truth. This has nothing to do with whether or not you believe in vaccines being effective, this has everything to do with being anti-corruption. What happens if Offit achieves his vaccine goals and eventually moves on to Ritalin? Or SSRIs? Why is it so difficult to conceive that happening? We can solve difficult children, give them Ritalin: you can’t see that as a party line some day? Don’t feel safe just because you are OK with vaccines because the future is all about pharmaceutical revenues and once the vaccine vertical is capped, people like Offit will simply move on to the next product.

Our country was built on the foundations of life and liberty. Supporting this man runs completely counter to this ideal. We must express and share our discontent with this. We must take a stand. We must stay strong and be willing to be heard. Because this kind of evil shows no signs of slowing down or fading away on its own. Doing nothing is as good as being complicit anymore.


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