If you thought Liberal Anti-Trump rioters were going to remain quiet during the Superbowl and just allow Lady GaGa to act as their central figure, you are sorely mistaken, according to a new article published in USA Today. The article details stealth protests / riot plans that are so stealth, the organizers aren’t even given full documentation in terms of implementation.

It is being termed the #ResistHouston movement.

People representing more than a half-dozen protest groups that are set to march and rally here Super Bowl weekend met to coordinate their efforts — in a way New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick would have appreciated. That is to say, the protesters discussed using encrypted communication that would keep opponents from intercepting their messages.


It was so secretive Tuesday night, not all of the group representatives got the full game plan, said Blake Stroud, who created a group called #ResistHouston to connect the protesters and provided USA TODAY Sports with an account of the meeting.

“I guess they’re going for the element of surprise,’’ he said.

Having experienced dozens of these “peaceful” protest, I can say with certainty that Houston needs to be prepared for a dark side of violence. The left carries out little with peace and harmony, unless we are talking about women marching. And we aren’t. Here’s the list of protesters: Black Lives Matter, socialists, abolitionists, communists, native Americans, Muslims, Jews, Hispanics, LGBT community members and the local Democratic party.

Vice President Mike Pence will also be in attendance at the Superbowl, which is likely to cause even more dangerous infuriation.


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