According to sources, the CDC has been ordered by Trump to remove all vaccine related information by February 18th of this year. We’ve been seeing these rumors crop up online more and more frequently ever since President Trump appointed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to a Vaccine Safety committee.

Here is one of the instances posted on the Salt Lake City Guardian.

According to sources, the Trump administration has instructed the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to remove all vaccination related material from the official government website until further notice.


Staffers within the agency were told to remove the agency’s webpage on vaccinations, according to two sources within the CDC .  The move adds to concerns that the administration will continue to promote denial of the medical and societal benefits of childhood vaccinations.

And then there is this…

“What the Trump administration is doing is extreme, and very troubling, especially when it comes to the dangers behind unvaccinated children within our school systems.  Trump’s touched on his skepticism of the science behind vaccines during his election, so this doesn’t really come as much of a surprise,” said a former Obama CDC official.

I want to be very clear when I say this: We can’t confirm the facts here because as usual, “sources” are anonymous. Some of this might be blowback from Trump’s anti-vaccine stances and Kennedy Jr. appointment, meaning, this could be people making blasphemous sounding rumors for the sake of irritating the Trump Administration.

Or, it could be real. The fact is, Trump is clearly attempting to straighten out the vaccine industry so it isn’t fantasy to think that he’d have that page removed until Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has an opportunity to sift through it all.

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