Fiona O’Leary is a mother of five in Ireland and an advocate for Autistic children. However, she doesn’t share the same views about the causes of autism that the producers of the movie, Vaxxed, do. And she’s consistently let her feeling be known. This time, however, the other side of the shoe has dropped and Vaxxed is fighting back against what it feels are defamatory commentaries.

Below is one of her most recent Facebook videos and the one many speculate to be the cause of the defamation letter.

She’s now posted a defamation letter sent by Cinema Libre Studios warning her to cease her false claims regarding the film. She immediately disregarded the letter by posting it on her Facebook. She also posted the following message:


Wow you threaten to sue an Autistic Advocate and Mother to five children in West Cork! Why? Because I don’t want babies and children DYING from preventable diseases! Because I have had enough of your lies about Vaccines causing Autism! Because I am sick of how you exploit Autistic people! How dare you!



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