As Meryl Streep continued the liberal agenda to paint President-Elect Donald Trump as a “bully,” the proof that he, as Streep stated, “made fun of a reporter for being disabled,” continues to fall short.

Yesterday on The View, Jedidiah Bila,┬áThe former Fox News contributor said she didn’t ‘know that [Trump] was mocking that reporter for being disabled’ and thought award shows shouldn’t involve politics. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar lost their minds. But Bila didn’t stop there, she offered up video proof that Trump was simply thwarting the reporter’s rhetoric towards him, not making fun of him for being disabled. When Bila pointed out that she was absolutely correct, the other host seemed not to care and went on about their normal liberal mantra.

But comparing the videos, one having Trump “making fun” of Ted Cruz (a man who is not disabled) and the other being the controversial video, how can anyone deny that Trump was simply the victim of more media lies?


Here are series of videos showing that Trump uses these hand gestures all the time. Is he confused about who is disabled (his wedding guest, Ted Cruz, etc.) or is he himself disabled? Neither, he simply uses the hand gestures all the time and the liberal media created a false narrative.

Now compare that against all the other times he’s made those very same expressions…




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