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In an effort to provide you with the latest on the decision of Robert De Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival and their surprise removal of the film Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe it’s time to look to the future and what options are available. The film was added by using a powerful user base of fans, an emotional statement regarding an Autistic child, and by rallying other victims of Vaccine Injury. All apparently as pawns in some sort of game to maximize publicity for the event. Then approximately 24 hours later, to abruptly remove the film without much discussion, on an Easter weekend, in hopes to suppress the press coverage of the controversial decision. This has left a lot of people angry, confused, and many feeling let down.

Obviously,  if you read into the statements by Dr. Andrew Wakefiled, the removal of the film was sudden and he appears to not have been made aware of the film being pulled until he was notified by the press. This seems to have left him shocked and stunned and we need to allow Wakefield the time to gather his team and search out other viable options. It is our opinion based on our initial research, that a return to Tribeca is no longer an option. With this knowledge, we will not endorse any petitions that attempt to get Tribeca to relist the film. That battle is over. It is time for Wakefield to take all of this press and use it towards a positive effort to capitalize  and seek out an even better vehicle for distribution. As he seems to say in his statement on the situation.


So what other options appear available to Wakefield? We have written up a small list of ideas that we will pass along and allow Dr. Wakefield his team to take the time to evaluate and choose the direction that makes the most sense. Remember this movie was really mostly unknown prior to the Tribeca listing, but after all of the press and publicity, the emotion and now added controversy, this is now a very high profile film to a number of mediums


Amazon Video


Vice Media


Pay Per View

Let us know your thoughts on options available to Vaxxed and we will update the post as needed. We look forward to the team behind the movie taking their time and making the best decision possible in moving forward. We will continue to update you with any further events and decisions on the film as they occur.

Enjoy the trailer below if you haven’t seen it.

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