This weekend if you missed the news that Yoko Ono was hospitalized by the flu, then you achieved rare air and I have to say, I admire you. Once it was announced the Ono was checked into a hospital “suffering” from the flu, the media stampede was difficult to stop. The media smelled cavalcade was in full swing sensing the opportunity to reprimand us regarding the flu shot and really, they had all the necessary weapons going into battle. They had “flu” and they had “hospital” and they had “celebrity.” Once could almost asphyxiate just knowing that nuclear bomb was about to drop.

But what actually happened here? First and foremost, we have no idea whether Ono was flu vaccinated which typically leads me to believe that she was (that’s commonly left out when it doesn’t support the vaccine dogma). According to, the details are less than the exciting apocalyptic pitch we all got over the weekend. In fact, the details are so brutally boring and commonplace, it took an act of barbarism to actually make this into a real and exciting story.

Yoko essentially came down with flu-like symptoms and due to her ripe age of 83, she was encouraged to check into the hospital by her doctor. She’s now over the flu and fine. She’s an 83-year old flu survivor now. The story’s desperation, however, leads us to son Sean Ono Lennon deciding he will now get a flu shot.


And that’s it. Essentially an 83-year old woman got the flu and took a precautionary trip to the hospital at the advice of her doctor and the Internet lost its collective mind. No one died, we don’t know the details as to if she actually got the flu from the flu shot, she’s home and fine. There was no story here, none whatsoever. It hurts my face every time someone writes about Ono’s near death flu experience. It just isn’t true at all.

This is common practice when it comes to the media’s coverage over the flu and flu shots. They spin the story by enhancing, exaggerating the details as a way to make it seem so much larger than what it is. Someone in their 80’s takes a lot of precautionary doctor trips, including when they sprain an ankle, have an ear ache or just feel tired. This trip wasn’t anything different. But all the sheep ran with it and shared the headline hyperbole. None of it was true in the slightest. Ono sounds pretty healthy to me, it would seem her immune system did its job. I’m going to assume there aren’t any follow-up stories reporting that, however. Though I will keep my eyes out for any “Yoko Ono’s Flu Miraculously Cured by Immune System.”

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